Olive Meaders Shares Special Day with WTOK

Meridian, Miss. On a special day for WTOK, we got a visit from our #1 fan, Olive Meaders. Thursday was also her 90th birthday.

Miss Olive is originally form Hickory and has watched WTOK nearly every day for the last 60 years. She told her family one of the things she wanted to do on her birthday was visit us at the TV station.

Miss Olive never fails to send us a card or flowers on our official anniversary, Sept. 26. She stopped in during Business After Hours.

"It kept me going. Nothing I thought better than WTOK. Thank you, thank you. And God bless everybody at WTOK," said Meaders.

Though she spent almost her entire life living in Hickory, Miss Olive now lives with family in Collinsville.

Thank you to her and her family from the WTOK family.

Olive Meaders visits with legendary weatherman, Bob Holland, Nov. 14, 2013.
Olive Meaders
Olive Meaders