One Couple Who Cares: Danny and Merita Cherry

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What began as a small, around the house set of Christmas decorations, has blossomed into so much more for Danny and Merita Cherry of Decatur.

They began decorating their yard 25 years ago, but it quickly spread to much more than that.

"It started out as our yard, and we got more than we could do, and we added it to her mama's yard," said Danny Cherry. "And then the kids' yard. We still had too much, so we just kept adding. We decided to share it with the town."

For the last two decades, the Cherrys have made sure not just their home was brightly decorated for the holidays, they've made sure the entire town of Decatur was full of holiday cheer.

The Cherrys make many of the decorations they put up around Decatur. They buy others. And they have refurbished the decorations the town itself has purchased, all in the name of the Christmas spirit.

City residents say it's a special thing for everyone in town.

"They're about as unselfish and giving a couple as you'll find in this area," said District 78 Rep. Randy Rushing. "Decatur is made up of a bunch of great folks. Danny and Merita love to do things for the community."

They've already begun their work for this year. Many of the decorations are up in their yard, and they're beginning to get things ready in the town square. Soon, the entire town will be lit.

The Cherrys have become well known in the city for their work. But they say that's not why they do it.

"We'd like to be like little elves, who came at night, and nobody knows where it came from," said Merita Cherry. "But I guess everyone knows that we do it now, so we just love doing it."

And the people of this community love that they do it too.

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