Local Church Working to Provide for the Homeless

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Meridian, Miss. This winter has been one of the coldest winters in the South in almost 4 decades. In a winter as brutal as this one has been, it not only takes a toll on our heating bills, but the homeless who live all around us. One Meridian homeless woman known as Ms. Jessie passed away this winter because of the cold. Prior to her passing, Ms. Jessie stayed at Calvary Tabernacle for several nights where she began to open up to the staff on hand according to Pastor Chuck Overby.

"Ms. Jessie was very quiet, somewhat reserved," said Overby. "She didn't really talk a lot, matter of fact if you were to have met her out on the streets she would have wrote notes to you rather than to speak to you."

The longer she stayed at Calvary Tabernacle, Pastor Overby say staff members learned that she did have a voice and she began to speak a little more and showed compassion towards the staff. A compassion that extended even to other homeless people within the community. Pastor Overby says we can learn from the compassion she showed.

"Ms. Jessie had some issues that set her apart and like a lot of people around our city, we go through things," said Overby."The thing I think that people need to do is have compassion, open their hearts and arms and just love these folks. They are people just like us, we're all human beings, we're all God's children."

Pastor Overby says just because people don't have the same material items as you, it doesn't make them any different. Ms. Jessie is gone, but her legacy and the compassion she showed others will continue to live on. Since her death, not only has Ms. Jesse's dog Scrappy found a home, but Calvary Tabernacle has obtained a building from an old mill in which the pastor hopes to restore into a permanent shelter.

"We're in the process of trying to rehab the building to get it up to speck, so that we can start taking people in," said Overby. "It's too late now for Ms. Jessie, but we're working to do the Lord's work and any help that anybody can give us, we're here."