One Shot at Meridian Housing Complex

Meridian, Miss. Residents at George Reese Courts were pretty shaken up when a man was shot there outside their apartments. One witness who did not want to reveal her name told Newscenter 11 that she was surprised when her morning routine was interrupted at about 9:50 by gunfire.

"I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I heard three gunshots. A man was in the truck, bleeding, saying help me," the witness said.

Meridian police say the victim was shot at multiple times, but have not yet confirmed how many times he was hit. At least three bullet holes were found in the victim's truck. The witness says she believes he was pierced by more than one bullet and was hurt very badly.

"He was shot three times. The first shot didn't hit him. The second two, they did," the witness explained.

The victim was carried away by a stretcher to the hospital, but the MPD has confirmed that he is now in stable condition. No one on scene seemed certain why the individual began shooting. Police say the shooter was on foot when he began firing; he then got into his car and fled.

"It was a green Buick with tinted windows, and the man had on a ski mask," the witness said.

Police believe the individual was the only shooter. There is no word as to whether there were any others in his escape car. The case is currently still under investigation by the MPD.