One Who Cares: Peggy Coleman

Meridian, Miss. Peggy Coleman always has a full plate when it comes to helping others. Six years ago, she founded Feed by Faith, a kitchen that feeds low-income individuals around the community in Meridian.

"It's a mission close to my heart. It's a mission that God put close to my heart," Coleman said.

Feed by Faith serves healthy lunches, all made from scratch, three days a week. But that doesn't mean Coleman isn't busy the rest of the week.

"She comes in here and cooks Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She picks up supplies on Tuesdays and Thursdays," said Brenda Jefcoat, a Feed by Faith Board member. "She never slows down, and she has got an amazing testimony about how Feed by Faith was started."

"It was a vision that came to me in a dream. It was a vision that God wanted me to do. I tried to run from it, but He kept coming back to me; the vision kept coming back. He said I want you to feed the people in Meridian," Coleman said.

Coleman says her friends and family were supportive of her decision, but were very surprised for one reason in particular.

"They were shocked because I never liked to cook," Coleman explained.

But that doesn't mean she can avoid kitchen duty.

"Oh no, no, no. I have to step in and help, too. Oh no," Coleman said. "When you can't find me, I'm back there in the kitchen."

Feed by Faith is averaging a crowd between 250 and 275 people. The kitchen is run purely on donations, and they hope to be moving to a new building on 5th Street soon. But Coleman isn't planning on slowing down.

"She is a miracle worker as far as I'm concerned because she can feed the masses with just a little bit."

They encourage anyone who can help out to stop by and donate.

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