One Who Cares: Carolyn Salley

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Meridian, Miss. Carolyn Salley finds fullfillment through volunteering. Since losing her husband nine years ago, you might find her serving others at her church, the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry, and the Juvenile Center, just to name a few. Chaplain Dennis Marks says her commitment to the jail ministry is inspiring, "She has a big heart for people. I think that's her focus, is to get with people," Marks said. "She's not just out there just doing 'stuff,' she really wants to connect with people!"

Linda Barham nominated her friend Carolyn as one who cares. She volunteers alongside her friend in church and in the jail, and says Carolyn has a special gift in reaching out. "All of the ladies look for her. When I go in they always ask about her, and she just makes each one of them feel special," Barham explained. "On her own, she decided that the juveniles needed help, and I was just so impressed that she would go each week to try to talk to some of the young women so that they wouldn't follow the same path, and get in the jail where the others were."

Carolyn Salley has a passion helping these women behind bars. But, she says, it also is a gift to her to help them learn about the Bible and God's love for them. "On the way home, I'm just filled with joy," Salley explained as she tried to hold back the tears. "And not all the prisoners take part, but the few that we see that do, I get a lot of love back from them, even." Her next challenge is to help create a local Christian Women's Job Corps. She encourages others to get involved helping to lift others up. Salley is one who is always moving, always working. She's one who really cares.