One Who Cares: Christie Rainer

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Christie Rainer has devoted her life to serving the homeless in the community.

"The Lord led me to do it. Plain and simple," said Rainer, founder of the People's Charity Clinic of Meridian.

The clinic is located in a small building on Sellers Drive, near the railroad tracks and the interstate in Meridian.

The clinic is a one-stop shop for homeless people and those living on the margins of poverty. Rainer says it started simply because she saw a need.

"This is a population that needs it," said Rainer. "And we always say, somebody needs to do something about it. And one day, it was just slapped on my head, well, 'why aren't you doing something?'"

The facility opened earlier this year. It's called a clinic but it's much more than that. It offers counseling, case management, social services, clothes, blankets, whatever people need.

Rainer has even enlisted the help of some her clients, like Larry Grant, to help in any way that's needed.

"Not just medically, but we're sort of like a traveler's aid and a taxi service and a medical facility, anything that you can come up with that people need, she's all for it," said Grant.

But if The People's Clinic is to become everything Rainer wants it to be, she'll need help.

Right now, Rainer is working to get the free clinic running better with the help of more volunteers.

"It's all going to be volunteers," Rainer said. "And I believe there's going to be enough people that's going to do it, that's going to volunteer."

If you'd like to be a volunteer for The People's Clinic, you may stop by their location at 310 Russell Drive, or call 601-482-8442.

To nominate someone for 11 Who Care, get an application at WTOK-TV, 810 23rd Avenue, or print one at home. A link is provided below.