One Who Cares: Debbie Young

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We caught up with Debbie Young in just one of her many roles to find out what motivates her to care so much, and to honor her for her service to our community.

Young stays busy and her time is valuable, but she's never too busy to help someone in need, according to friend, Sara Odom, who nominated Young for our 11 Who Care.

"She's extremely important. She's one of those who takes on the role of leader, but she also is the one who will not hesitate to step in and get her hands dirty," said Odom of The United Way of East Mississippi. "And I think that's the most important quality for a good volunteer to have, you know, not just run the board meetings but also get out there, get in the mud, and get your hands dirty."

You might know Young from her volunteer work with United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, or the Meridian Symphony. She also works full-time at BankPlus.

She says having a boss who believes in community service makes it possible. We asked her what motivates her to give so much:

"Meridian is a wonderful town. And if you sit up in north Meridian, or West Lauderdale, and don't really look around too far, you don't realize what need there is," said Young. "But there's so many people living in poverty and hunger. We have a huge homeless population. How can you not? There's so much need. How can you not?"

Young's faith also plays a big role in why she does what she does. She says it's simply what she's called to do.

"I can pray for you, but if I don't get you something to eat, and I don't get you a place to stay, are you really going to listen to me, or not?" said Young. "And that's what Jesus did. He walked around helping people, and healing people. That's our job."

To nominate someone for 11 Who Care, get a nomination form at WTOK in downtown Meridian, or print one online. A link is provided below. Then bring or mail the form to:
815 23rd Avenue
Meridian, MS 39301