One Who Cares: Gary Morris

Pastor Gary Morris
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Meridian, Miss.
Meridian pastor, Gary Morris, has found himself in a position of reaching out to the community's homeless members in their greatest times of need.

Morris says there are a lot of people who are working with him to answer a very distinct call to help the hurting.

"That's what it's all about," said Morris.

The pastor of Life Church, 2224 N. Frontage Road in Meridian, says he was raised by parents who showed him the love of God, so showing that love to others is just what he does.

"I do care. I have a passion for helping those who are less fortunate, because they're God's children as well," Morris said. "And I do believe that when we do it to the least of these, that we do it unto Christ."

So when the temperatures plunged a few months ago, into the teens and even single digits, Morris says he just followed his heart to help the homeless, and God did the rest.

"A steady flow began to come into this building, of donations of food, clothing, bedding, money, everything that you could imagine began to come in through this community," said Morris.

Nine different nights volunteers from Life Church, many other churches and the community rounded up freezing homeless residents, some dangerously close to death, and brought them to the church.

"We had people that we brought from the dumpsters, from behind bars, under bridges, ditches, everywhere that you can imagine," he said.

With warmer weather here, Morris says the outreach isn't over, but there will now be a shift to help the homeless find new beginnings, so they won't be in the same position next winter. He gets emotional, talking about one recent success story.

"We've got a guy that walked into the building the second time we opened the church. And when he came in, he said, 'there's just something different about this place'. So, the guy, he and I just kind of clicked," said Morris. "To make a long story short, that guy has now got a job. He has temporary housing. He is the manager of a store here in town now, and that guy, just two months ago, walked into this place homeless, had no place to go."

Pastor Morris says his congregation has embraced homeless members, sharing the love of Christ with them, hoping to make a difference in their lives, eternally.

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Pastor Gary Morris