One Who Cares: Gloria Williams

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Meridian, Miss. A Meridian woman is sharing during her retirement years by giving back to her community, especially Meridian's youth.

Gloria Williams puts in many volunteer hours at various organizations. We found her at one of her favorite spots, the Boys and Girls Club.

Williams worked for a long time as a counselor for Meridian Public Schools. For the past decade or so Williams has been wearing many different volunteer hats.

Ricky Hood, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi, says the club is fortunate to have someone with her energy and commitment:

"She goes out in the community and raises money and finds resources, for about 1,000 kids. She does it tirelessly," said Hood. "It's not something she does two days a week or three days a week. It's 365 days."

Williams says she wants to motivate others, especially children, to engage in positive activities.

"I feel like that's what God put me here for, is to help someone," said Williams. "Even when I was working as a counselor at Kate Griffin, that was one of the things that drives. You know, you can't live in the world by yourself. You have to have other people to be successful."

Williams also volunteers for Meridian Public Schools, Alcorn State, and works to help others find jobs, among other things.

"She's doing it for a lot of people, so it's the community that benefits," Hood said. "And I go on the record as saying there are a few people in the community that if they were not out there supporting children, that it would be noticeable, because not just for us, but for the other groups she's involved with. Even with the counseling piece, she's always counseling."

Williams encourages others to get involved and make a difference by volunteering.

"When you leave here, you want to know that you've done something to make someone have a pleasant life," Williams said.

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