One Who Cares: Jennifer Wolfe

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Meridian, Miss. Jennifer Wolfe wanted to help her son, a student at Carver Middle School, to improve his reading skills. In the process, she improved the whole school's grade.

Becky Glover of Parents for Public Schools says Wolfe participated in a training class the organization offers, then started a book club at Carver, with amazing results.

"She chose to focus on language arts, and creating stronger readers, not just for her children, but for 50 children at this school in the sixth grade that year," said Glover. "Helping them become stronger readers is going to help them in every subject and every grade level for the rest of their lives. So, they have benefited greatly from the work of one ordinary hero."

Wolfe is described as quiet, dependable, and a 'sparkling diamond in the rough.

Assistant principal Victor Lucas says she has made a big difference.

"She has really improved the reading levels," said Lucas. "Not only that, with just her being here, being among the students, with the study buddies, she has also helped to bridge community relations. And spread things throughout the community that we haven't had at Carver in quite a long time."

Carver's Quality of Distribution Index score increased last year by nine points, more than triple the state's average. And the sixth graders increased their language arts proficiency by nearly 19%, showing direct growth from Wolfe's efforts. She says she has just always wanted to help children reach their highest potential:

"It's rewarding to me," said Wolfe. "It makes me feel good to be able to give, especially to children, who need the most help."

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