One Who Cares: Miguel Godinez

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A teenager from Butler, Ala., was the youngest volunteer to battle the fire that almost destroyed his high school.
The fire happened Feb. 19, 2013, at Choctaw County High School.

It's a much different feeling now for Miguel Godinez to walk around Choctaw County High as the rebuilding continues.

Arriving with others to fight the blaze, Godinez says he never thought about the danger; he just wanted to save his school.

"It's a pleasure to help people. It's what I like to do, help people," said Godinez. "The day my pager went off, I heard it was a high school. I never thought it was my school. I got in the first truck and was listening to the radio and they said it was Butler high school. As soon as we pulled up, we saw the flames. It was huge, you know, I could not believe it, what we did. Just stopped thinking about it, just go to work."

"He's a great kid," said principal, Dr. Stacey Gill.

Gill says Miguel is a role model for other Choctaw County High students and he bleeds black and gold.

"He exemplifies the characteristics of a tiger, which is courage," said Gill. "And his courage showed that night when he came up to fight the fire, and faced that adversity, and did what he could to assist. So he's a shining example of what a Choctaw County tiger is."

Godinez seems to never rest. When he's not working on his academics or fighting fires, he's working in his parents' restaurant. He says he learned his work ethic from his parents.

"My dad said, 'you're going to get a truck, but you're going to earn it'," said Miguel "That's how i get everything I've got, or everything I buy, because I work."

Miguel was nominated by Emily Martin, a school counselor at Patrician Academy.

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