One Who Cares: Milton Moore

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Milton Moore volunteers his time to share the skills he has learned through a life-long love of basketball and uses those lessons to motivate young people.

Moore says taking a shot is about much more than the game of basketball.

Hundreds of young people show up each spring break to play in a basketball tournament Moore calls Hoops for Jesus.

Moore loves coaching these young athletes. He took his ideas for helping kids to the pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church with one thing in mind, keeping kids off the streets.

"There's so much going on now, with kids getting killed, drugs and different things. So that's why I do it," Moore said.

Moore, a native of Greenville, is no stranger to basketball. He learned the fundamentals early in life and discovered sports opened up doors of opportunity for him.

"I went to college, and got a chance to play and even played semi-pro basketball for the Holland Stars," he said.

Moore says he even coached at his alma mater, Rust College. He decided to move to Meridian after retirement to be near his daughter.

Moore says he has taken on some rough kids, some that others may avoid, to coach.

"A lot of old people don't want to deal with them," said Moore. "But you can get around them. You can coach them, if you know how. You've just got to take the time, and put some time in."

Moore teaches the kids about respect and hard work. He says sometimes he starts from the beginning.

"We have some come in, they can't even handle the basketball," he said. "Can't even dribble. But after they leave, they understand the basketball game. They can dribble and they can shoot. It's not about me. It's about the kids."

And that's the main thing. This coach volunteers his all to teach youth the fundamentals, not only of basketball, but also of life.

Now Moore is teaming up with the Boys and Girls Club of East Mississippi for a new one-day basketball camp coming up Saturday, April 66. If you'd like to find out more, call Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church at 601-482-7415.

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