One Who Cares: Sam Davis

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Clarke/Lauderdale County Line, Mississippi This Clarke County man has spent many years volunteering in mission fields, both abroad and right here at home. Sam Davis coordinates ramp-building in Clarke County for elderly and handicapped residents, who want to be able to stay in their home. We caught up with Sam and the whole team as they tackled the job at a home near the Lauderdale-Clarke County line.
His friends say Sam Davis always has a smile and a handshake for everyone, and always has a project he'll recruit you for in order to serve others. A member of Quitman United Methodist Church, Davis and a team of Methodists, Baptists, Catholics, or just anyone with that giving spirit and skill, build life-changing ramps for those in need. James Whitley says it comes naturally for Sam Davis. "He cares about his neighbors, his fellow citizens. He wants to do everything he can to help them, " said Whitley.

But Davis shrugs it off. A modest man, he makes sure everyone knows it's a team effort. "I've been involved in it for about 13 years, and we get absolutely no pay, and the money to buy materials is all donated from individuals, churches, organizations, corporations, or anyone who wants to contribute," said Davis. "Jesus tried to help people in his ministry and we are just following his example." Sam Davis is about to celebrate his 75th birthday, but as Jerry Fox says, he doesn't expect Davis to slow down anytime soon. "He can rally the troops around to get them out to come build, " said Fox. "He knows how to talk to people to get them enthused. He's a good recruiter and gets people out and gets the job done."
If you see Sam Davis, don't give him a pat on the back. He'd rather you roll up your sleeves and pitch in to help him make life a little better for your neighbor.