Open Carry Law Approaching

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Meridian, Mississippi Some highly anticipated changes are approaching for gun owners in the magnolia state.

Beginning July 1st, Mississippi will enact an open carry law. But local attorney Joel Hamilton says the law really changes the definition of what a concealed weapon is classified as. Hamilton tells Newscenter 11 a weapon visible on a shoulder or hip holster is no longer defined as concealed.

"I think their intent was, you know, if you had a concealed carry permit which allowed you to legally carry a weapon," Hamilton explains. "You know, it had to be covered. And if you're out and about, you got your jacket on or your jacket comes open and people see your weapon, you're now technically in violation of the concealed carry law. I think the intent was to fix that, but they might have gone a little too far with it."

Local police officers have been taking part in training to help deal with the new law.