Open Carry Law Repeal Effort

We are less than a week away from Mississippi's newly passed, "Open Carry Law," taking effect and efforts are intensifying to stop this from happening. State Senator John Horhn and many county constables met at the Capitol in Jackson Tuesday to call for the law to be repealed. Representative Charles Young, Jr. from Meridian is doing the same.

"I think that within the legislature there was a partisan vote, but I think that when you start to talk to people in the general public, it's not very partisan. No one in the law enforcement community that I know supports it."

Young, who is a gun-owner himself, says he's not against people being armed legally, but says that he has issue with the terms of the legislation.

"Because someone can strap a machine gun on their back and law enforcement does not have the right under this legislation to stop, detain or interrogate that person to see if that person does have the ability to legally and lawfully possess that weapon."

Despite calls from some state lawmakers to repeal the new law, Young says that likely will not happen.

"We in affect would have to have a special session called in order to even debate the issue. With that, there would have to be a large number -- a large percentage of the vote (over two-thirds) -- in order to overturn it. Just being honest with you Andrea, that's not going to take place."

At this point, Representative Young says the only way that the law could possibly be repealed is through the judicial system.
Mississippi's new Open Carry Law will take affect Monday, July 1st.