Operation Help Gets Involved in Lawsuit

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Operation Help Civil Rights group got involved in the Department of Justice lawsuit pertaining to an alleged school to jail pipeline on Saturday.. Wendol Lee with Operation Help says that he thinks something's going on.

"We got some complaints against the judicial system that it's got some flawed behavior."

The complainants believe that civil rights are being violated, and Operation Help is in town to dig a little bit deeper.

"When they get them in the courtrooms, we don't think they're being treated fairly, that's why we're here."

They say the problems don't stop in the courtroom. One woman who did not want to appear on camera says that she has a friend in jail, and no judge will hear his appeal and Mr. Lee agrees that this is a problem.

"What they're doing is, we think the judges may be taking kickbacks because we have to keep these private facilities full in order to make money and they're going after the kids, but we believe they're doing it with the adults also."

If Operation Help decides to open an investigation, more meetings will follow.