Ott's Advice for Preventing Breast Cancer

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A well-known Mississippi entertainer says all women and men should get checked for breast cancer on a regular basis.

Singer and entertainer Paul Ott stressed that message during an interview with Newscenter 11 last week when he was in town for an update on the New Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center. Ott was diagnosed in 2007 after discovering a lump in his left breast. He says he is thankfully a cancer survivor.

"I am and my daughter is too," Ott points out. "Father, daughter and we've been on national television in the media, promoting awareness. Early detection is the thing. I call it the power of prayer. We're six and seven years out, cancer free. Get checked, early detection. Men do have breast cancer and they die because they don't get it checked. I'm a living example."

Experts say that worldwide, breast cancer accounts for nearly a quarter of all cancers in women.