Outdoor Fun for Disabled Individuals, Part 1

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A group of local adults who had a chance to experience a day of normal, everyday fun, despite their challenges.

Wounded soldiers, paraplegics, quadriplegics are people who hardly ever get the chance to do something they really love to do, and that is, being included in activities. Those who are disabled are people who sometimes never get the opportunity to do these outdoor activities because of how hard it can be for them to just get out of bed.

"It's very important, these hunts for the physically challenged are the most meaningful things that are out there," according to Calvin Fulton with Mississippi Wildlife and Parks. "This is giving people hope, that wouldn't necessarily have hope. Being in the outdoors, Cross Mountain to me is the tool, the hunts are a tool. Bring the people in here for the hunts, get a chance to witness to them, talk to them about Jesus, that's what's its all about, them in the outdoors. And we enjoy what they enjoy. We take for granted all the time."

Cross Mountain Ministries has been putting on these hunts for over 12 years and it's all about those who are in need. On this particular hunt at Cross Mountain, Michael Templeton will get his wish for a deer hunt.

"One night just hanging with some buddies, and I decided to take a dip in the pool, and it was my last dip for a while," Mississippi hunter Michael Templeton says.

After Michael's accident, the process of going through all of the treatments and therapy, Michael's wish was to harvest a deer at Cross Mountain. His goal was accomplished by people who were willing to take the time and give back to people who would never get the opportunity.