Outdoor Fun for Disabled Individuals, Part 2

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A little town in Porterville, Mississippi is doing whatever it takes to help paraplegics, quadriplegics, and wounded soldiers go hunting or fishing.

Cross Mountain Ministries brings people in from all across the country and at the same time, gives them hope. Shannon Kortman of Michigan was getting his wish to hunt at Cross Mountain.

"Shannon was left at a hospital and wasn't expected to live," Pastor Doug Stokes says. "So the hospital, social workers called Hank Frann and wanted them to come to the hospital. They had many foster kids. They came and looked at Shannon and they took him home and they didn't expect Shannon to live over a few days, few weeks. And Shannon's 20, 20-plus years old now. And so, we've had the pleasure of having Shannon at Cross Mountain."

Kortman says this hunt was very important to him and this would be his first turkey hunt to hopefully harvest a turkey.

"These times that we live in, we just want to keep tending to God's business," Stokes says. "And just keep pouring hope because we seen a quadripplegic get out of the wheelchair and walk and get in the truck the other day. We seen another 12-year old boy pull himself out of a wheelchair and get in a suburban and go on a hunt. And we continue to pour this hope and encouragement into them because God is a healing God."

In 2011, Cross Mountain Ministries took over 1,500 people on hunting trips, several hundred with disabilities.