Parents and Kids Learn Gun Safety

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Guns have been a major topic of conversation both here at home and around the country for several months now, concerning whether or not there should be tougher standards when it comes to the right to bear arms.

On Saturday though, people in our area were simply focused on how to properly use a gun. At the Battlefield Shooting Range in Collinsville, families participated in the zombie shooting competition, a chance to learn the art of shooting by firing a zombie figures. Experts were on hand, training youngsters from the age seven and up.

"Just teaching them about the sport of shooting and then just making it fun for them by using the zombie theme," according to Michael Street with S.E.R.T. "You know, it's a big craze across the nation right now with the Walking Dead show, educating people about safe handling of guns. We just got a lot of families out today enjoying the ranges and having fun."

Clarke County Deputy Sheriff Chad Minor brought his children to learn about handling guns and safety. He says by learning the fundamentals of shooting, it can help them in a self defense situation.

"Give them the opportunity to do something competitive, do something fun, get out of the house," Minor explains. "We try to shoot a couple of times a month at the house, but this gives them an opportunity to take their shooting skills and bring them out and have fun with them and see where they stack up with other kids in the area."

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has said he opposes efforts by President Obama to create stricter gun laws, saying everyone should have the right to bear arms.