Parents for Public Schools Holds Forum

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Meridian, Miss. Several local parents have gone through training provided by Parents for Public Schools in a new initiative called the Meridian Freedom Project. The National Program Director for Parents for Public Schools, Nita Rudy, says that the more parents that undergo their training, the better off our public schools will be.

"Our work is to start educating parents about what's happening at schools, what's accountability, what standards are, and what you should be expecting from a quality school system."

Parents for Public Schools Parent Coach Becky Glover says that she has seen positive results come from parents that have undergone their training, from a group that held an educational forum for Philadelphia municipal candidates, to some that even go to the State House to talk to representatives about funding, and what the representatives can do to better the public schools.

"They come in wanting to learn what they learn in our training to benefit their own child, and they come out wanting to do things for more children, for all children, and even children beyond their community."

Since Parents for Public Schools is a non-profit organization, they can't tell parents how to vote, who to call, or act as a lobbyist group, but they feel that with the extensive training they provide, the parents are able to make their own informed decisions and make detailed action plans for their schools.

Rudy says, "We feel like, at least parents that know us and have worked with us have more information about the subject than almost anyone else in the public does."