Park Open Again in Choctaw County

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Local, state, and federal officials came together in Choctaw County to reopen McCarty's Ferry Park that has been closed for the past seven years.

"It has taken us seven years to get the park in the shape that it's in now, lots of hard work, and lots of volunteers," said Jacqualyne Gibson of Choctaw County.

The state of Alabama is going to build a new boat ramp projected out into the river because we have so much problem with this old boat ramp," said Choctaw County Commissioner Mark Gibson of District 4. "It's going to consist of two different parking lots. The bottom tier parking lot will be asphalt and the top tier will be gravel."

McCarty's Ferry has been a Corps of Engineers park for a long time," said the Corps' Chip Dixon. "We closed it in 2006 and the county has come in and reopened it. We feel it's necessary for the people in this area to have access to the river."

Officials say the closest park in the general vicinity is seventy miles east of here, and the other park is sixty miles west of McCarty's Ferry boat ramp. Dixon says there is very little access up and down the Tombigbee River and it's critical that the park be reopened.

"It's very good for the public," said Brandon Smith of the Corps of Engineers. "They lose some of these opportunities when they can't come out. And some of these ramps get into bad shape. When we come in and do these upgrades it helps everybody. It's a win win for everybody."

"Well with this ramp coming in, with the economy the way it is and the price of gas and all, as close as we are to Mississippi I think it would be a great asset to Mississippi as well as our community," said Choctaw County Commissioner Willie Horn, who represents District 2.

Alabama officials say they are welcoming Mississippi residents and will get the project underway the latter part of the fall.