Parts of Downtown Meridian to be Paved

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"It was very bumpy, believe me."

That's how most drivers like Lena McRae described their last trip down 8th Street. Well relief is on the way. Crews were working on a large portion of 7th Street and 29th Avenue today, and those roads now offer a much smoother trip through Meridian, and 8th Street is next on the list. In order for the work to get finished on time, Meridian Public Works Director Monty Jackson wants everyone to know that you'll need to find an alternate route Wednesday afternoon through early Thursday for the stretch of 8th Street through the heart of downtown.

"We want the motoring public to know to try to avoid that area because it is going to be congested with a lot of construction equipment in the area, a lot of trucks moving, so if you can avoid that are before you get to the detour, it'd be advantageous to you in getting where you want to go.

When you wake up for your Thursday morning commute, the patches and potholes along 8th Street between 24th and 26th Avenues will finally be replaced with a fresh sheet of new pavement. The same thing will happen Friday morning along 14th Street between 22nd and 26th Avenues.

"On Wednesday, the milling crew is going to be down there, and start milling at 4:00 in the afternoon and work all night. They'll be working one night on 8th Street and one night on 14th Street."

More paving operations for the city will be announced next week.