Pasko Optimistic about Duck Dynasty Resolution

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Meridian, Miss. A local singer and songwriter is dealing with questions about the controversy surrounding a reality TV star.

Tony Pasko is a songwriter for the hit show "Duck Dynasty." The show's star, Phil Robertson, is facing criticism after he said he believes homosexuality is wrong. Pasko tells Newscenter 11 he would be impacted by this situation, should A&E take the show off the air. But he says he is confident the network and Robertson will work through things.

"I just think everybody has, we just all need to be a little more tolerant to everyone else's difference of opinion," Pasko says. "You know, it's easy to get along with someone when they are agreeing with you all the time. But sometimes people, you know, don't have the same opinions. And I think if we are going to live in a society that is truly free. You know, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live as outwardly as you choose to. Then the other side of that is that we all have to be very tolerant of when it's different than how we see it."

Pasko says he just met Robertson for the first time last weekend.