Pearson Says Boston Resilient

The city of Boston is still under high security as the investigation continues to find who is responsible for deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Dr. Eric Pearson of Meridian ran that race. He had already finished and was on his way to his hotel when the bombs blasted.

However, he and many other runners had passed those points and his wife at one time stood near the location of the second bomb.

Pearson said he witnessed real courage by the people of Boston.

"I was amazed by the resilience of the runners, the runners' families and the Bostonians," said Pearson. "You know, I don't think this is going to beat them. They're going to bounce back from this. They're going to run it next year. You know, it's harmful and painful to go through all this but it's not going to beat our country or the city of Boston."

A Boston city councilman said Wednesday that investigators poring over photos and videos from the incident have an image of a man dropping off a bag containing one of the bombs. The investigation continues.