Peavey Honored for Achievement

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Meridian's Hartley Peavey has has been honored by the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center and the Mississippi Development Authority.

The founder of Peavey Electronics received a star pm the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center's Walk of Fame in downtown Meridian.

He joins other famous Mississippians like Morgan Freeman, Sela Ward, B.B. King and Marty Stuart in being so honored.

Peavey is one of the most recognized electronic equipment and guitar manufacturers in the world. Hundreds of millions of people across the globe are using the products that Peavey produces.

Gov. Phil Bryant says Peavey's impact has been huge.

"He has changed the world," said Bryant. "If you think about Peavey Electronics and what it has been able to do for music, here's a man that started when he was very young in 1957, but the joy and excitement that he has been able to bring to people all over the world that love music right here from Meridian, Miss., and the jobs he has provided."

Bryant says this kind of recognition is long overdue. Peavey says it's very special getting an award from the hometown people.

"There is something special about getting an award from home folks," said Peavey. "I'm proud to realize that my home folks recognize the contribution that Peavey has made over the years, over 48 years. in fact. We have provided, frankly, a mechanism for people to grow."

Peavey says in those 48 years of being in business, a lot of his competitors have run out of steam.

"Competitors have gone out of business, bought and sold, and relocated, management changed," said Peavey. "Some of them owe hundreds of millions of dollars and we don't owe anything. And that's a pretty neat trick, if you can do it. And I'm proud of that."

Peavey says right now his company is selling to more than 130 countries as well as providing all the sound systems for the U.S.Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

Peavey was born in Meridian in 1941. He founded Peavey Electronics in 1965. Peavey has also been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame and the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.

A marker honoring Peavey was later unveiled by the Mississippi Blues Trail at Peavey headquarters on Highway 493 in Meridian.

The marker recognizes the contributions Peavey and his company have made to the music business and to Mississippi.