Petition Submitted for Bond Vote

Lauderdale County, Miss.

Lauderdale County is getting closer to having voters decide the fate of a bond issue on recreation improvements.

The organizers of a petition to call for a vote on a $3.5 million bond issue have presented the names of more than 2,000 people asking for the vote. That's more than enough, but the law requires at least 1,500 qualified electors, or valid registered voters who live in Lauderdale County.

"Those names have not been verified by the circuit clerk's office, so we don't know whether they are valid registered voters or not," said District 1 supervisor, Hank Florey. "We'll just have to wait and see. "

Those same residents had previously failed in getting a larger bond issue put on the ballot, but one of the projects was voted on again separately. The rest of the $14 million bond issue is in litigation.