Philadanco Performance Especially Meaningful for One Performer

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The Philadelphia Dance Company performed at the MSU Riley Center on Friday evening and it was a special homecoming for one of the dancers.

From Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Lindsey Holmes tours the country 42 weeks out of the year with the Philadelphia Dance Company. Holmes performed in Meridian on Friday night.

"This is my 4th season with Philadanco, so I've been with them a little while," Holmes says.

The 4 pieces Philadanco performed on Friday night ranged from modern, to hip hop, to a new number that just premiered last month in New York.

"Philadanco is a repertory company which means you're going to see all sorts of different types of dance," Holmes explains.

This stop on the tour for her was especially special because she has family that has roots not too far from Meridian in Cuba, Alabama. Living so far away, and traveling the majority of the year, Holmes doesn't get to see her extended family very much, so she was excited to show off her talent and hard work to her grandparents, cousins, and other family members.