Weapons Bust in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Miss. Multiple guns, ammunition and explosives have been confiscated in a bust in Philadelphia. Police there are calling it one of their largest ammunition bust to date. Most of the weapons were confiscated during a traffic stop around 5 Sunday morning.

"90% of what we took was found his vehicle," says Sergeant Tavaras Smith.

Among the things confiscated during the bust were at least 9 guns and a surplus of ammunition.

"Total, we probably got better than 3,000 rounds," says Staff Sergeant Larry Smith.

Also seized were three containers of explosives.

"If you're in the close vicinity of those explosives being set they would do some damage," says Sergeant Smith.

Some narcotics and a bullet proof vest were also taken. According to police, the suspect did have a concealed carry permit, and the guns that were taken from his car were found strategically placed in the vehicle.

"One gun that we found is probably what 90% of law enforcement carry," says Sergeant Smith. "One of the guns is illegal because it's been altered to do automatic fire.'

"Everything was fully loaded. All of the weapons were ready to fire. All he had to do was take the safety off," says Staff Sergeant Smith.

"He was obviously involved in narcotics with use and possibly the sale. It's a dangerous business. We've had a rise in violent crimes here and all of it has been the result of narcotics," says Sergeant Smith.

At the time of the stop police say the suspect was under the influence of narcotics. He's expected to be formally charged later this week. Investigators say others could also face charges associated with this case.