Philadelphia Escapes Brunt of Winter Weather

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Philadelphia, Miss. The City of Philadelphia braced itself for yet another round of winter weather. Many individuals prepared for the worst, but as the sun began to rise, the sights told a different story. The only issues seems to be minor ice glazing on surfaces of cars, signs, and roofs. The anticipated frozen roads only seemed to be holding puddles of water. The mayor of Philadelphia was blessed with the outcome of the event.

Mayor James Young said there was little ice on the roofs, some on the trees and that traffic was flowing normal.

"Our guys were ready; just thank goodness, we didn't have to deal with it today," said Young.

Any significant winter events in the South are always rare and at times don't go as predicted, due to the challenge of forecasting any rare event. Sometimes things don't happen as planned and it seems like a false alarm, but it's better to be prepared, according to the mayor, than to be blindsided.

"Be on alert, we are not going to take any chances if we can prepare prior to. I think the weather reports do a good job. The weather service does a great job," said Young. "We can't afford to be caught unprepared as much as we can be. So we had the crews ready, the salt ready, trucks ready, and our emergency team is always ready."

Although freezing rain caused little problems in most places, the threat for icing on roads still exists. With any winter event, extra time, slow driving, and cautious behavior is always advised.