Philadelphia Police Chief Search Continuing

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Philadelphia, Miss. It has been almost two months since former Philadelphia Police Chief Bill Cox left the department, and the mayor and board of aldermen have been actively searching for a replacement since. Mayor James Young says that Assistant Chief Julian Greer has been serving as chief and that he recommended him for the permanent job.

"The board wanted to wait on that and go out on the market, so to speak, so that's what we've done. At the current time we have eight applicants, some local, some from out of town, and even one from out of state."

The city will continue accepting applications through the end of November, but the mayor and board of aldermen will go ahead and start jointly interviewing the current candidates. Their collective decision will decide who the next chief is.

"We're taking this time to make calls. As a matter of fact I was on the phone this morning doing some background checks on some of our applicants. The Board members already have the eight applicants, so they are doing their own process. The more we can find out the way these people operate in everyday life is key to making sure we make the right choice for our city."

While Young says that the department has been doing a good job these past two months, he's ready to get a leader in there because he believes nothing functions properly without stable leadership.

"I think it will bring some renewed zeal and energy to our department, and it's just going to help within the community. You need someone to reference to."