Philadelphia Police Find Body, Suspect Foul Play

Philadelphia, Miss. Philadelphia police have identified a body found on Parkside Drive Tuesday night as 22-year-old Marquai Kirkland. A nearby driver discovered his body just before six o'clock by a gravel road near Northside Park.

"An officer responded and observed a black male who appeared to be in his early 20s laying on the side of the road," Chief Grant Myers says. "It's kind of a secluded road on the edge of town."

Investigators don't believe the man had been dead for more than a few hours when they found him. They do suspect foul play.

His body was found right here a few feet away from the road in plain sight. Chief Myers says investigators have been talking to several people and have managed to gather some solid leads. One of which is a vehicle found to be in connection with this man's death.

"We have been talking to some people about timelines as far as who he was in contact with throughout the day," Chief Myers says. "At this time, we believe a vehicle that was involved could possibly have a passenger side window missing. We're asking the public, if anyone's seen a vehicle in that area at the time that the window was out to please give us a call."

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and state crime lab are helping in this investigation. Police are waiting on an autopsy report to learn more about Kirkland's exact cause of death.