Philadelphia Police Make Arrests in September Shooting

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Philadelphia, Miss. Philadelphia police say arrests have been made in connection with an unsuccessful murder-for-hire case last month.

Police say they responded to a shooting on Adams Street Sept. 20, and have since arrested two suspects in connection with that case.

Officials say they were able to solve a complicated case relatively quickly.

A man was shot in the arm at a duplex on Adams Street and spent 10 days in a Meridian hospital undergoing several surgeries.

Philadelphia Police Chief Investigator Ferdesz Moore says that while the victim was in the hospital, they questioned witnesses, but the big break came when the victim was released.

"When he got out of the hospital and came and saw me on September 30th, at that time he stated to me that he saw the male suspect that shot him, gave me his name," said Moore. "And at that time we went and picked him up and brought him in for questioning and placed him under arrest."

22-year-old Marquai Kirkland is charged with attempted murder and is being held in the Neshoba County Jail without bond. However the case doesn't stop there.

While police can't release the motive, they say that another man, 28-year-old Landon Dupree, is also involved.

"Through the course of our investigation we came up with a name by speaking to the victim and dealing with other people, and found out that it was alleged that Mr. Dupree paid Mr. Kirkland a sum of money to kill our victim," Moore said.

This shooting has been one of at least 10 in Philadelphia since the summer started, but the chief said he isn't concerned about crime running rampant. Moore said the city has seen similar spikes in the past.

"We don't have shootings just randomly on a weekly basis, but it happens," said Moore. "You get that little spike in there, and then it levels back out."

Police are preparing the case to hand over to the district attorney.

Five people have been injured in ten shootings since June. Seven arrests have been made so far.

Marquai Kirkland
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