Philadelphia Murder Suspect Taken into Custody

Philadelphia, Miss. Philadelphia Chief of Police Grant Myers tells Newscenter 11 that Mississippi Highway Patrol has taken Samuel Boler into custody just after 9:30 p.m. Friday. Boler is the primary suspect in the shooting death of Danny Peden in Philadelphia. We will have more information Saturday on Newscenter 11 at 6 and 10.

A Thursday night murder has seemingly begun a snowball of violence in Philadelphia. The brutality began when Danny Peden was shot at Westside Park around 7 p.m.

"We actually had an off-duty officer here at the park for ball games," Chief of Police Grant Myers says. "He heard a gunshot, and he observed a black male had apparently been shot."

Peden was carried to a hospital, where he died shortly after.

The area is filled with old shell casings like this. Philadelphia police say they don't believe these casings were involved in the incident. The victim was only hit once, directly in the chest.

But the violence didn't end there. Several hours later, police were called to another shooting. They believe it's linked to the first.

"There's also reports of a house being shot around the early hours this morning on Loper Street that we believe to be connected to this incident," Chief Myers says.

The house was shot at least seven or eight times, along with a car in the driveway. The house's owner was home at the time but was not injured in the gunfire. She did not want to speak on camera about the incident, but tells me off-camera that Boler, the suspect in last night's murder, is her grandson.

She says someone might have shot her house in retaliation, but she doesn't know why someone would target her.

Peden was a close family friend. She says hearing about his death felt as if her grandson shot her other grandson. She says she's spoken to Boler on the phone and has begged him to turn himself in to police before the violence tears her family even further apart.