Philadelphia Public Hearing on City Budget

Philadelphia, Miss. A public hearing for the city of Philadelphia's budget was held Tuesday evening, and citizens voiced their concerns over a proposed tax increase.

Philadelphia Mayor James Young and the Philadelphia Board of Aldermen say a millage increase is overdue. They have proposed doubling the general fund millage from 10 to 20 mills.

The tax increase on the budget has been proposed, according to the Philadelphia Board of Aldermen, because of a need to fill a budget shortfall from previous years.

Several citizens, including some small business owners, voiced their concerns about the tax increase and how they will have trouble making ends meet.

Young said it was one of the toughest meetings he has been a part of since he became mayor.

"You double our taxes and we have no extra income. We have nothing to fall back on, and I don't know where we are going to get it," said a concerned small business owner.

"I think reality has set in, even though it's kind of a painful reality. I and no one else like taxes. It is one of those necessary evils to provide the services that I and the people of this community so desperately need. And we want to provide that to keep our city going," said Young.

A vote will be taken on whether or not to approve the tax increase Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 5 p.m. at Philadelphia City Hall.