Philadelphia Shooting

An investigation is underway into a case that involves gunshots that pierced a Philadelphia house early Tuesday morning. The shots were fired just before 3 AM at a house on Fox Avenue. Officers say one round of shots were fired into a front bedroom.

"It's a double window pane. So, it broke out two window panes. So far I haven't been able to find the bullet yet."

Paulette Buckley is talking about the damage caused by gunshots that struck her house. At the time she and her two sons were all at home.

"And I was just laying there listening to them talk back and forth and I heard something say, 'Ting,' and I said, 'Well, y'all hit the floor!' I said, 'that sounds like a gun!"

"Five shell casings were recovered at the scene," says Philadelphia Police Chief William Cox. "Witnesses did see an unidentified male running on foot from the area of the residence."

No one was hurt during the shooting and police are continuing to investigate it.

"The motive is unknown at this time. However, we do have suspects already identified in the case who we are actively looking for," says Chief Cox.

"I've heard of this stuff all around in Meridian and Jackson and everywhere, but for it to be right here at home, that lets me know that God is on his way back!" says Buckley.

With two shooting incidents occurring less than 24 hours from each other, Philadelphia police are increasing patrols.

"Those patrols will be increased particularly in the neighborhoods where you're seeing these incidents occur. We're also increasing them in outlying neighborhoods because we don't want this to spread. We want to stop this as quickly as possible and keep people safe in their homes."

"For you young people, or whoever this could be, who are out here with this shooting and stuff, find something else to do with your life besides shooting," says Buckley. "Go to school and get your education. Go to church on Sundays or whatever, but find something else to do besides this!"

Anyone with information that could lead to an arrest or arrests in Tuesday morning's shooting incident is asked to contact investigators at the Philadelphia Police Department. That number is (601) 656-2131.