Philadelphia's First Liquor Store Seeing Success

Philadelphia, Miss. Residents in Philadelphia voted overwhelmingly in the June election to allow the sale of liquor in the city limits.

Since then, one business owner has been working to get things up and running. In June, the city of Philadelphia overwhelmingly voted in favor of the sale of alcohol within the city. Now, it's finally arrived.

"I've always wanted a liquor store always," Corks owner Clay Young says. "Don't know why cause I don't drink really as far as liquor. I've just always liked the atmosphere and I've always wanted one, I've always said that."

Young says as soon as talk began about getting a liquor referendum on, he started to prepare.

"We've talked about this a year ago," Young adds. "Whenever it passed, I was going to try and be the very first one to have a liquor store open. I just kind of had all my I's dotted and T's crossed. We went to work."

As the application for his liquor license was going through, he bought a property and started setting up. He says it's more than just the liquor, it's the atmosphere in Corks that brings so many customers.

"It's been unbelievable, no kidding," he says. "It looks like you kicked an ant bed. There's been that many people. They're so appreciative of not only that we're here but that we built a store that's extremely nice and they feel real comfortable when they come in and they're tickled over it."

Young says Corks' success extends beyond just his business. He says the best part is keeping tax dollars right there in the city.

"You could go out of town on any given day and see so many people that you knew from Philadelphia somewhere else shopping," he explains. "It just didn't make any sense that we didn't have something like this in Philadelphia, but I'm proud it's here. And people are supporting it and I think they're proud."

74 percent of voters in Philadelphia voted in favor of the referendum.