Philadelphia's New Police Chief

In only his third day on the job, William Cox still has not gotten used to being called "chief." The newest chief of the Philadelphia Police Department was sworn in on Wednesday and still has some of those butterflies from when he found out the Board of Aldermen approved him as the new chief.

"I was very excited, a little apprehensive at first cause I do recognize the level of commitment and seriousness to the job, but very excited overall to have the opportunity to serve not only the city but the citizens of Philadelphia as chief," Cox says.

Cox has served with the Philadelphia Police Department for the last several years, and he wants to use his knowledge of the force to improve it for the better.

Cox says he wants to "Sit down together with my staff and come up with goals oriented for each shift, for the department as a whole, to reach more people for our community, make a change, and do the things we need to do to provide a level of service people expect, and that people can feel safe at night when they go home."

The goals Cox wants to set for the department will strive to make the department even better, and Cox says he will measure success based on impressions from the community.

"I think for me," Cox explains, "the defining moment will be the community feeling they have a professional department that is on par with any other city around here. A department that they can look on with pride; that they know they have officers who are here to serve and protect them, and they provide them a level of professionalism that's on par with any department in the state."

Cox is a Philadelphia native who graduated from Leake Academy. He holds a degree in psychology from Mississippi State University and has been a law enforcement officer for the past 12 years, serving as a detective at the Philadelphia Police Department for the last 3 years.