Pilot Injured in Plane Crash

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A plane crashed in rural Clarke County late Wednesday morning, causing serious injuries to the pilot.

The crash happened around 11 a.m. near County Road 624, about two miles north of the Wayne County line.

Investigators say the plane was flying over northern Wayne County and southern Clarke County when it encountered some kind of trouble.

A farmer working in a field saw the plane flying low and then saw it crash on his property. He rushed to the plane, and helped get the pilot, Freddie Wayne McCall, III, of Brewton, Ala., out. He took the injured man to his house and called 911.

"He kept saying he wanted to call his daddy," said the farmer, L.B. Odom. "And he had lost his glasses, too, so he wanted to find his glasses. So we finally did."

McCall was first taken to Wayne General Hospital in Waynesboro and then by helicopter to University Medical Center in Jackson.

Local authorities were on the scene, just minutes after the accident took place. They say they believe the man was flying his plane over local pipelines, inspecting them, when the crash happened.

"All indications are the man was flying pipeline patrol," said Sheriff Todd Kemp. "There are several in this area. We're not sure which one he was flying over."

The Federal Aviation Administration was expected on the scene Wednesday night. The investigation into the cause of the crash will be headed up by the National Transportation Safety Board.