Pink Out!

Pink, pink, everywhere! Northeast Middle School students, faculty, and staff all donned pink attire to raise awareness about breast cancer. Teachers also taught on the importance of being healthy and gave healthy lifestyle tips. The school counselor, Terisa Pittman, is a breast cancer survivor, and she is happy to see the support the school has shown.

"As a breast cancer survivor, it's just wonderful to see all of our students and staff support our cause and to encourage us," Pittman says. "I'm 13 years out, and we have a lot of kids here at the school that have lost relatives or loved ones from breast cancer, so it's just uplifting and it gives us all hope."

Pittman is not the only person at Northeast Middle that has been affected. Other teachers, family of faculty, and students have been impacted directly by breast cancer, and students are glad to take part and raise awareness.

Jade Matfey, a 7th grader, tells us, "We actually have two teachers in here; we have Miss Pittman and Miss Pierce, and they have both fought through breast cancer, and they have both survived, and I'm proud that we are having this to support them and to support everybody that has been going through or that has had breast cancer."

Leah McMurray, also a 7th grader, has lost a family member to breast cancer. "I'm glad about it because I know a lot of people who had breast cancer, and my nanny just died from that, and she fought through it once, and she had just passed away from it again, so I'm glad all the teachers are supporting it."

School officials may make this an annual event.