"Playground for Jesus" Receives Donation of Picnic Tables

Meridian, Mississippi Meridian's "Playground for Jesus" got some much needed donations.

Members of a local Sunday School class donated ten brand new picnic tables to the community playground. The playground was built a few years ago by volunteers led by Trey Long, with the goal of providing a safe place for local children to play. Landry Adkins says his First Baptist, Meridian, Sunday School class wanted to provide new picnic tables for the children.
"We felt like it was a worthwhile mission project and so our church has kind of adopted it, and it has spread throughout the community now," explained Adkins. "We were hoping to get two, three, four picnic tables. We presented it to the class last Sunday, and as you can see, we've got ten picnic tables here and we are working to sand them down and smooth them out, and put sealer on them so they will be able to stand up to the weather."
The Playground for Jesus is located at 8th Avenue and 15th Street, next to Wesley House Community Center in Meridian.