Plea Change Expected in Test Fraud Case

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A lawyer for a former Memphis public school assistant principal says he's seeking a plea change to federal charges that he helped current or aspiring teachers cheat on tests they must pass to prove they are qualified to lead their classrooms.

A lawyer for Clarence Mumford, Sr., Coleman Garrett, said Friday that he would ask the court for a plea change and that Mumford could change his plea to either guilty or "no contest" at a future hearing. Garrett said he did not anticipate a trial in the case.

Federal prosecutors say teachers from three states paid Mumford to send someone else to take the exams in their place at testing centers in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Six Mississippi teachers were among those indicted for allegedly participating in the scheme. Among them is Meridian High School physical education teacher and football coach, Carlo McClelland, 34, who was charged with mail fraud. McClelland was placed on administrative leave.