Poker Run Prepares for Run for the Wall

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Meridian, Miss. Dozens of motorcycles could be heard during the 3rd Annual Poker Run that benefits the Run for the Wall motorcycle ride that starts in California and ends in Washington D.C.. The Poker Run was started as a way to help the riders by providing food, repairing motorcycles, or any other needs the bikers may have. The chairman of the Poker Run says the event is not only meant to benefit the run, but a way for individuals to support their veterans.

"Everyone one here supports their Veterans," said Chairman Bob Anderson. "They stand behind their Veterans, they believe in them and they believe they deserve the rights they were promised and that's what they're here to do is support the Veterans."

During the Poker Run, bikers stop at numerous locations that take them through Lauderdale, keeper, Neshoba, and Newton counties. At each stop, each participant draws a card to complete a poker hand and by the end of the run, the best poker hand wins a prize. Whether older or younger generation, everyone in attendance had something to say about veterans.

"Vets are really important, without them we wouldn't have the freedoms we have now," said Christian Motorcycle Association President Billy Tisdale. "What they do for us that we can do what we are doing, you can't describe it. We just owe everything to them."

"well I'm a retired vet anyway, I've been retired from the Navy for 20 years," said First Officer of the Southern Cruisers Charlie Price. "This is a way I can give back and do something for the Veterans that are riding through from Southern California up to the wall."

With motorcycles revving, and Old Glory flying on many bikes, the bikers set off on a journey of meaning. The annual Run for the Wall is set to make its way through the Queen City on Monday, May 19th at the Lauderdale County Ag Center.