Police Investigation Ongoing in Newton Shooting

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Newton, Miss. Law enforcement officials in Newton are investigating a series of shots that occurred Thursday evening. Newton Police Chief Harvey Curry says shots were fired around 8:30 on Pine Street, near Wade Park.

"We responded of course, upon our arrival no one was there and the gun shots ceased," said Curry. "Then we get another call about 15 minutes later and then the same thing again."

Curry says no one was injured during the shootings but they do have suspects in mind and are continuing to investigate the matter.

"What the investigation has revealed so far," said Curry. "Apparently a couple of people got into it and then it escalated from there. Something minor turns out to be something major."

The investigation is still ongoing in the case and Curry assures citizens of Newton, that despite the situation, it's still a safe city.

"Newton City is a safe place to live," said Curry. "We have our crime just as much as anybody else."