Police Response Concerns

One witness is expressing concerns about how police on the scene handled the investigation into an armed robbery late Tuesday.

"They are part of the problem," says the witness, who asked to remain anonymous and said she had not been drinking. She says she was inside the Notorious Neighborhood Lounge in Meridian when it was robbed around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The woman told Newscenter 11 officers at the scene did not react appropriately after they were told which direction the suspect fled after he stole a wallet and fired a gun at someone trying to stop him.

"I told them all of the information, which way he went, and they did nothing," she said. "They all gathered around outside and chatted, said that they weren't worried about it that evening, that they would take care of it the next day."

"I think there was just a little miscommunication between that patron and the officers who were there on the scene," says Captain Dean Harper, head of MPD's Investigation's Division.

"As police responding to the scene, they were told by dispatch in which direction the suspect fled," says Harper. "Some of the officers went to the scene; some went to the area where he was last seen. In a case like this, not all officers respond to the location of the crime."

Harper says the department is committed to its mission to fight crime. In turn, he's continuing to encourage residents to report all crimes to law enforcement.