Police Station Update

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Major progress has been made on the new Meridian Police station, but there are still issues to resolve.

The biggest issue surrounding the new station now appears to be the parking lot in the front of the building and whether it is part of the city's lease agreement.

"Our lease agreement requires there to be adequate parking," Meridian Chief Administrative Officer Tim Miller says. "Adequate parking is set by our Community Development office, so there is a certain amount of parking we have to have. And at the of the day, we believe we're going to work this out and there won't be any problem at all."

Newscenter 11 asked Miller whether the parking lot is included in the lease right now.

"The details are obviously being worked out, but the parking plans we have seen are the entire parking lot," Miller says.

However, there will certainly be plenty of space inside the new police station. Workers tell Newscenter 11 they are just about ready to crank up the heating and air system, something police officers will greatly appreciate.

"One of the things that makes it so special for us is we know what our officers have had to endure," Miller points out. "This is going to be so much better."

Right now, workers are finishing up some electrical work and are getting ready to turn all of the new lighting on as well. Showers have been installed and the jail is essentially complete. In fact, the interior of the building is 70 percent complete, according to contractor Tim Allred.

"We're still waiting on some finished schedules from the security people and things like that," Allred says. "But we're making good progress."

The project is expected to be finished sometime in the spring.