Police Urge Caution After Elderly Woman Hit

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Meridian Police say an accident involving an elderly woman should serve as a reminder to be cautious on roadways.

81-year old Pinky Hicks is still in a Meridian hospital after police say she was hit by a car on Thursday night. It happened at the intersection of 5th Street and 41st Avenue when authorities say Hicks was crossing the street. Police have not filed charges against the driver at this time, but it's possible the victim's family will. In the meantime, Captain Dean Harper says drivers and pedestrians should use extra caution.

"Sometimes it's difficult to judge the speed of an on-coming vehicle," Harper explains. "That's whether you're crossing the street, on foot or in a car. We respond to ten to fifteen wrecks a day where the individual will say. Well, I thought I had time. Or, I didn't realize they were going that fast and the individuals can be doing the speed limit, they just misjudge the distance closure to their relevant location."

Harper says a police officer would have had to have actually witnessed the car strike Hicks in order to be able to determine the car's exact speed at the time of the incident.