Police Warn about Sweepstakes Scam

Meridian, Miss. Meridian police are calling the public's attention to another scam making the rounds in this area right now.

Police say people in this area continue to receive letters from companies claiming they have won a sweepstakes.
Some of them even have checks enclosed.

The letters ask you to deposit the check and then send them back a fee for processing.

But the check later bounces and you're responsible for the money.

"If they get one of these in the mail throw it away," said Capt. Dean Harper. "If they cash that check at their local bank, the local bank is going to expect their money out of them."

Harper says a quick Internet search of the name of the company will usually confirm that it is a scam. But any time a sweepstakes requires any kind of fee, police say you can rest assured it's a scam.