Political Speeches a Tradition at NCF

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Neshoba County, Miss. Along with chair races, the Midway, and cabins, political speeches at the Neshoba County Fair are a huge tradition. A staple since 1896, speeches are given mostly by local and state representatives, but Fair Manager Doug Johnson says the Neshoba County Fair has even garnered national attention in the past.

"We have everyone, from the county all the way up to the state, and we have invited some national politicians down. Ronald Reagan of course came before he was elected President back in 1980. We've had Dukakis here from the Democratic Party, and John Glenn came as well."

The political speeches have always been held under the pavilion in Founder's Square, and Johnson says come Wednesday and Thursday, it will be packed for the speeches.:

"It will be full under the pavilion, and crowds will be as far as our front porch."

Speeches are even important during election off years like this one because the elected officials believe it's important to keep in touch with those they serve, and Johnson says their appearance at the fair is much more than just their speech.

"It's just a good venue to come to. They have contact with a lot of people, not only while they're speaking, but as they go around the fairground, we have 598 cabins and we have 520 campsites, so it's a good place to politic."

For more information about the Neshoba County Fair, or to see the schedule of political speeches, go to www.neshobacountyfair.org